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  • 30 day Paleo Challenge

    2014 - 01.06

    It’s that time of year!! The time where New Years Resolutions are fresh in everyone’s mind and you vow to lose the 10 lbs you gained during the holiday season or you vow to be able to wear the skinny jeans you have saved in your closet in hopes that they will fit again one day.

    My usual routine is to set a few SMART goals around these in order to ensure I achieve them. By SMART, I mean Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-based.

    My goal is to be able to wear a size 25 jeans or get to 115 lbs, which ever one comes first before May 1, 2014.

    Here is how I plan on getting there:
    1. Run five 5K or longer length runs:
    January 18th- SA Women’s Cocoa 5K
    January 25th- Kinetic Kids 5k
    February 8th- The Glo Run
    March- Either UTSA Diploma Dash (3/1) or the Alamo City Running Festival (3/2)
    April- Austin Capital Statesman 10K

    2. Participate in two 30 day Paleo Challenges throughout the year.
    One in January (to meet the initial goal) and one in June (to maintain the weight).
    I will need to log a weekly food log from January 6th to February 6th in order to ensure this is legit. For any of my coworkers wanting to participate. Please make sure and log your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) alongside your work outs with your weekly logs. You can post them on the comments section of the blog posts and we will hold eachother accountable so we can meet our goals :)

    3. Keep track of weight, BMI’s and inches month over month.

    Starting weight: 124.4 lbs
    BMI: 20.6
    Measurements in inches: 21.5 thigh, 28 waist, 32.4 hips, 10.6 biceps

    In the meantime, here is one of the sites I plan on helping me with my Paleo Journey. It shares to do’s and don’ts of eating Paleo.

    Another goal is to Travel and Have fun! Details on how I will achieve that will be shared on another post.

    Harlem Shake- Racker Style

    2013 - 02.13

    Seriously the best company to work for!

    Check out our San Antonio Rackers version of the Harlem Shake

    Check out our Austin Rackers version of the Harlem Shake

    The Act Rights East Coast Tour

    2013 - 01.21

    I can say that I am my little brothers biggest fan! I have seen him perform in every single one of his bands except his latest one in person…. but that doesnt mean I dont see them and support them online. Thank you Internet!! Check out the latest video update from The Act Rights East Coast tour

    Bridal Shower

    2013 - 01.21

    I seriously have the best friends and family in the world.

    The Yanez and Cruz families finally meet!

    The Yanez and Cruz families finally meet!

    Wine Time

    Quote of the Day

    2013 - 01.18


    I heard this during a leadership seminar this week and I just had to post it on the blog. Don’t be the kind of person that makes excuses for everything you don’t like in your life. People that just make excuses for everything that go wrong¬† are just doomed….. cause shit happens. So, choose to be happy…. choose the be better…. choose yourself!

    Lime my friend Bobby sings here: Don’t worry….. Be Happy…. :)



    2012 - 12.10

    33 Minute 5K run- no stops. I kept a decent pace along with my running team which is pretty good for me :) Pics coming soon :) !

    The Dress

    2012 - 12.08

    Today I picked up my wedding dress from the tailors. It looks amazing!! No tears this time…. just excitement as i saw the masterpiece come together perfectly. The f. best thing about my wedding dress is that it comes with a story. My grandmother who has been married to my grandfather for 50 years, wore this exact same dress in June 1962.

    It is a sleeping beauty type dress, full of all the magical components that will help me feel like a princess on the day I walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams. I can’t wait to wear it…. Only 69 more days!!!!